Services designed to help you save money and time

O’Connor Landscape has specialized in installing residential and commercial irrigation systems for over 30 years. Designing automatic systems that operate at their peak efficiency, we have helped homeowners and business owners maintain beautiful landscapes.


Our team of professionals will asses your property to efficiently design and install a new irrigation system unique to your landscape. O’Connor uses nothing but high quality parts from Hunter Irrigation® to give you the highest quality system. Each system is designed with maximum water conservation in mind to not only save you money but to also save you time from hand watering.



During our spring activation service the technician will:

  • Pressurize the system, check valves

  • Individually inspect and run each zone to ensure proper coverage and efficiency

  • Check and adjust Rain Sensor

  • Adjust, repair or replace any parts damaged from the previous winter

Our activation start date varies from year to year depending on the weather. We begin booking appointments for activations in mid April through the first few weeks of May. SPRING AND FALL REMINDERS WILL BE SENT TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS TO LET YOU KNOW THAT IT IS TIME TO BOOK YOUR SERVICE.



O’Connor Landscape provides sprinkler system maintenance, repairs and upgrades to existing and new irrigation service customers. Often times sprinkler systems need to be adjusted or maybe your property has had a change in landscape. The mid - summer service call gives us a chance to make sure your system is running efficiently.

During our mid- summer service the technician will:

  • Perform a full system check

  • Detect any leaks and individually evaluate each zone

  • Program timer for tough summer heat

  • Check rain sensor

  • Adjust, repair or replace any parts as needed



All irrigation systems should be properly winterized to prevent damage from freezing during the winter months.

  • Blow out lines using a high pressure air system

  • Drain back flow preventer

We begin booking winterizations in August until November 15th. Please call the office at your earliest convenience to schedule accordingly. SPRING AND FALL REMINDERS WILL BE SENT TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS TO LET YOU KNOW THAT IT IS TIME TO BOOK YOUR SERVICE.



Drip irrigation is a type of micro irrigation that helps save water and gives the plants more nutrients by allowing water to slowly drip to the roots of the plants. The goal is to get water directly to the roots. Drip irrigation is perfect for watering individual plants and it helps conserve water due to evaporation and runoff.